Girl Cooks World Now on Facebook!

It looks like Gwyneth and I have both decided to enter this 21st century this week… I’m now on Facebook!  I’m hoping it’ll be a good tool for getting feedback from you guys to see what countries and cuisines you guys are most interested in seeing on Girl Cooks World.  As much as I love each and every comment I get, I’m thinking the back and forth will be easier on Facebook.  No Twitter for now… baby steps folks, baby steps.

So come check out my Facebook page- it’s still very much a work in progress as I’m just getting to know my way around.  After I change to my permanent user name (I need 25 “fans” first) I’ll post a button here as well. 

Coincidentally I ~finally~ watched the Social Network this past week.  So so good.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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