Hooroo Australia!

Image via Hostelbookers Blog

Well Australia, I can’t say that you were one of my healthier countries… of course that’s entirely my fault for focusing mainly on desserts, booze and processed meats.

That said, I’ve clearly enjoyed myself.  In the past two weeks I learned that beets on hamburgers are surprisingly good and that deep fried hot dogs are about as awesome as you’d imagine them to be.  I also found a ridiculously easy drink for summer entertaining and discovered what all the fuss over pavlova was about.  I also found a new favorite oatmeal cookie.

And with the official start of summer it was the perfect time to start churning out and eating some ice cream.  This passion fruit ice cream will definitely appeal to those who like tart, pucker-inducing flavors and this peach melba is such a classic.  It’s definitely time for it to make a serious comeback.

Time to hit another beautiful sun-drenched  locale.  Until then…

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