Easing Back into Blogging and a Walk Around Kakaako

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Sorry for the unexplained absence, guys.  The past month and a half has been total craziness; work, apartment renovations, car trouble, the sudden, and hopefully totally reversible, paralysis of my fur brother (my parents’ dog), and some out-of-town visitors all made blogging a very low priority.

My most recent recipe posts were cooked weeks ahead of their posting date, which means it’s been about 2 months since I’ve done much cooking.  Seriously, I’ve been eating stuff like hot dogs and boxed mac and cheese (uncured and gluten-free, for the record).  But still not a good scene.

I’ve also been eating out a fair amount, which is pretty atypical for me.  After one of said meals (a great Vietnamese chicken and rice bowl at the Pig and the Lady at the Blaisdell Farmer’s Market), a strenuous workout seemed like a no-go, so I took a stroll around Kakaako  instead.

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Yowsa there’s a lot of new stuff going on in the area.  Cute shops, eateries, shaping shacks, multi-function spaces, rock climbing gyms,  aerial yoga studios, oh my!

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(The Star Wars geek in me can’t read the “It’s a Trap” quote without thinking of Admiral Ackbar)

It’ll be exciting to see how the neighborhood evolves as more condos are built and more people move in.  I’m just hoping that Kakaako is able to retain some of the randomness that I used to find maddening about Honolulu, but now find endearing (i.e., fancy restaurants, mom and pop convenience stores, luxury condos and old homes that haven’t been updated since the 70s all right next to each other).

And for totally selfish reasons, I’m praying my mechanic isn’t displaced.  And well, I wouldn’t mind if Home of the Brave Brewing Company served some gluten-free beers when they open.  And since I’m on a roll, I hope that the Pig and the Lady finds a permanent space in the hood.  But now I’m just being greedy.

Kakaako 3

Most of the shops and restaurants happened to be closed when I went, so I can’t wait to head back to grab some coffee at Morning Glass (inside of R&D)and check out some of the shops.  Although I may have to bust  out some Warby Parkers and a chambray shirt for the occasion (I draw the line on the high-waisted jean shorts trend) … there’s definitely a hipster vibe going on.  Anybody have a Frenchie they can lend me for a couple hours?

Looking forward to getting back in the kitchen.  My next post will be a recipe, I promise.

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3 Responses to “Easing Back into Blogging and a Walk Around Kakaako”

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    Barbara — July 6, 2013 at 7:46 am

    Glad to have you back! Always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the pictures you post of your recipes and of the island!


    • Cate — July 6th, 2013 @ 10:46 am

      Thanks! And it’s good to see you back in the online world again :)


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    Paul Withers — July 11, 2013 at 5:34 am

    Found one of your recipes a few days ago, and tried it, much modified, to find that it was excellent. The recipe was well-written, expertly organised so that even fools and beginners couldn’t go wrong. My modifications were made necessary largely because I live in the UK and the recipe required ingredients that are not currently in season here and for various reasons I substituted a fresh green chill, with seeds for your cayenne pepper.

    I shall try more of your recipes in the future.


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