Indian Chickpeas with Tomatoes and Dill

Chickpeas with Dill 1

Although I most often associate dill with pickles and Scandinavian cuisine, it was Vietnamese (specifically cha ca thang long) and this Indian dish that finally turned me onto the polarizing herb.

And so the girl who could barely tolerate dill as a garnish (I’m a sweet gherkin girl through and through) became somebody who can’t seem to pass up the large, leafy bunches when they make their appearance at the farmer’s market.

Chickpeas with Dill 2

Chickpeas are simmered with garlic and onions, Indian spices, a slightly sweet tomato sauce and plenty of chopped, fresh dill in this healthy vegan dish.  If you’ve got pre-cooked chickpeas on hand, the dish should only take about 20 minutes from start to finish.

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Onion and Yogurt Egg Curry

Indian Egg Curry 1

Dear hard boiled eggs.  We’ve come a long way, you and I.  A couple years ago  I wouldn’t even consider allowing you to pass through my lips.   And now you’re one of my go-to spinach salad toppings.   I also like to cut you lengthwise and stuff you with glorified tuna salad and use you as a protein in Asian curries.

I was so wrong about you.

You really are the incredible, edible egg.

Indian Egg Curry

Indian Egg Curry 3

Because I missed out on so many good years of eating hard boiled eggs, I’m doing my best to make up for lost time. I tend to make a large batch every week to store in the fridge for salads, which means that if I plan ahead and make a few extra, this egg curry becomes a very quick and easy weeknight meal.

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Indian-Spiced Creamed Greens

Indian Creamed Chard and Kale

Creamed spinach.  It’s pretty good stuff, right?  I mean, even folks who hate greens and vegetables in general would probably be happy to eat it on the side of a char-grilled steak.

But what about those of us on the other end of the spectrum, i.e.  those of us who would happily eat spinach, kale or just about any other green every day of the week?  Those of us who don’t need excessive amounts of butter and cream to make those greens palatable and would be happier without the extra fat and calories?

Well, I think I’ve got something that will appeal to both factions.

Chard and Kale

Large bunches of Swiss Chard and kale are combined with a lightly-spiced onion mixture and rich and creamy coconut milk  in this Indian-spiced creamed greens dish.  Even though it’s much, much healthier than your average creamed spinach recipe, it tastes no less indulgent.  Coconut milk for the win yet again.

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Indian Yellow Dal

Yellow Dal

I”m in the middle of a massive fridge, freezer and pantry clean-out, which means that all of my dried beans and legumes have got to go before I even think about putting in another order from Rancho Gordo or visiting the bulk bins at the local health food stores.

While a lot of beans have risen in popularity over the past decade or so (I definitely remember thinking that beans were really uncool as a kid, although I don’t know where I got that idea), I’m not sure if any of that popularity has extended to yellow split peas.  Even Safeway, the only supermarket that carried them out here, stopped selling them a few months back.

Yellow Dal 1

And that, my friends, is kind of a travesty.  After going overboard with lentils a couple years back, yellow split peas have become my pulse of choice.  They’re great because, like lentils, they don’t require super-lengthy cooking times or overnight soaks.  And with their happy and vibrant hue, they’re like  a warming bowl of sunshine.

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